We cater for all tastes and dietary requirements. However severe allergies and intolerances we can’t guarantee 100%, we hope you understand, so please don’t use our service! Merci

  Veggie / Vegan Dairy Free Gluten Free Contains Nuts


Boeuf Bourguignon    DF    
Mum’s Cottage Pie        
Classic Lasagne        
Beef Massaman and Peanut Curry    DF GF NUTS
Chicken Wrapped in Bacon      
Thai Green Chicken Curry   DF GF  
Chicken Jalfrezi   DF GF  
Chicken Korma     GF  
Chicken Madras     GF  
Chicken and Leek Pie        
Thai Red Chicken Curry   DF GF  
Chicken Stroganoff     GF  
Chicken Tikka     GF  
Luxury Fish Gratin        
Fish Kerala   DF GF  
Lamb Rogan Josh   DF GF  
Lamb Tagine   DF GF  
Sweet & Sour Pork   DF    
Pork Vindaloo   DF    
Chicken Black Bean Sauce   DF    
Bolognaise Sauce   DF    
Chilli Con Carne Sauce   DF    
Coq au Vin        

Sides and Singles

Vegetable and Dahl Curry Veggie   GF  
Thai Green Vegetable Curry Vegan DF  
Roasted Vegetable Lasagne Veggie      
Mac’n’Cheese Veggie      
Ratatouille Provencale Veggie      
Butternut and Sage Risotto Vegan DF GF  
Vegetable Tagine Vegan DF GF  
Bombay Potatoes Vegan DF GF  
Cous cous Vegan DF    
Potato Dauphinoise Veggie      
Soy Noodles Veggie      
Carrots and Peas Vegan DF GF  
Creamy Mash Potato Veggie   GF  
Basmati Rice Vegan DF GF  
Mango Chutney Vegan DF GF  
Plain Naan Bread Vegan DF    
Mini Poppadoms Veggie DF    
Thai Fishcakes        
Sweet Chilli Sauce   DF    
Onion Bhaji Vegan DF    
Cucumber and Mint Raita Veggie   GF  
Spring Rolls  Vegan DF    
Vegetable Samosa  Vegan DF    
Fine Beans Veggie   GF  


Bread and Butter Pudding        
Apple Crumble        
White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake        
Gooey Chocolate Pudding      
Hot Lemon Pudding        
Sticky Toffee Pudding