About Us

In the heart of the beautiful French Alps, Bon Appetit is an online gourmet frozen meal company owned and run by British chef/proprietor Martin Clare. Savoy trained, and with over 20 years’ experience at the highest level of top class and fiercely competitive catering in London, Martin set up Bon Appetit in 2013.

Now, from its own purpose-built and superbly equipped production kitchen, Bon Appetit’s delicious food is prepared under stringent hygiene conditions in ever increasing volumes. From the quality of its ingredients to its practical packaging, Bon Appetit observes strict environmental and recycling rules and the expert team under Martin’s direction has created and developed an extensive international menu to suit all tastes and dietary needs.

“Our food is prepared and frozen on the day of production” says Martin. “This locks in the flavour and quality of the fresh ingredients we use to make each dish fresh and authentic.
When you have a few Bon Appetit packs in your freezer you can come home after a day in the mountains and enjoy restaurant quality foods for a fraction of the price and there’s no shopping, no preparation or cooking. After all, it’s everyone’s holiday- even the cook’s!”

Photo: Martin Clare
Chef / Proprietor

“When I’m in my professional kitchen creating and preparing fresh ingredients from the day’s market, the mountain views from my window and the fragrance of fresh herbs in the clear Alpine air convince me that there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather live and cook!”

Just Heat! Eat! Bon Appetit!

Martin and his team have created an extensive international menu from authentic curries to classical French and family favourites.
Each Bon Appetit pack is a generous serving for two.

Instant gratification! No defrosting necessary.
Most Bon Appetit dishes can be reheated directly from frozen to your oven or microwave – only 15 minutes’ average from freezer to table.